Dark chocolate reduces cravings for other snacks.
Reading Dark chocolate helps to curb the appetite: The blacker chocolate variant has a much stronger satiating effect than milk chocolate. The desire for more and more sweets is declining, as is the desire for salty and high-fat snacks, Danish researchers have shown around Lone Brinkmann Sørensen from the University of Copenhagen. Thus, the so-called men's chocolate compared to other sweets not only health beneficial because of their share of health-promoting fatty acids and antioxidants, but it also dampens the cravings, the University of Copenhagen. The researchers first had 16 students at their university eat black or milk chocolate. Although the students had to fast before the experiment for twelve hours and then for a few more hours, then there were for the subjects but pizza in any amount. The researchers noted how many calories the students consumed. They also asked them about hunger and satiety, their cravings for various other snacks, and how the chocolate tasted.

Overall, the students in the black chocolate test series took about 15 percent less calories from the subsequent pizza stick than those from the milk chocolate test series. Subjects also reported a restrained appetite for other snacks, whether sweet, salty, or high in fat. Researchers commented on their findings with the pre-Christmas message that people should resort to high-cocoa chocolate varieties to resist the ubiquitous temptation of sweet pleasures and curb possible weight gain.

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