Reading Archeologists have discovered a 3, 700-year-old so-called birth tile in Egypt. The clay stone painted with colorful motifs served as a support for the feet of women giving birth, and had mythical significance beyond that. It is the first find of such a birth tile, reports the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. From ancient texts is known that women in ancient Egypt gave birth to their children in a crouching position and were standing on two mud bricks, reports the Egypt expert Josef Wegner from the University of Philadelphia. Such a brick is probably also the stone excavated a year ago in the area of ​​Abydos in southern Egypt.

On the partially crumbled surface is still the representation of a mother with child to see, which is accompanied by other women and by the goddess Hathor. This deity of the form of a cow was related in mythology to childbirth and fertility. The traces of wear could indicate that the stone was used for a long time and for many births, guesses Wegner.

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