6 Right - the "Knowledge Books of the Year" 2011. Photo: Karl Marx
Six books that report on subjects from science and research particularly competent, understandable and entertaining, are the winner of the election? Knowledge Book of the Year ?. For the first time, the bdw readers were also allowed to vote. The prize is awarded for the 19th time in 2011 by bild der wissenschaft. The jury of 11 independent journalists and - for the first time this year - bdw readers will be honoring the following books:

Category Overview - the most informative book:? The evolution of man? by Douglas Palmer (National Geographic Publishing)
Category Zündstoff - the most explosive book:? Who am I when I am online? and what does my brain do for so long? by Nicholas Carr (Blessing Verlag)
Category surprise - the most original book:? Logicomix? by Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadimitrou, Alecos Papadatos (Atrium Verlag)
Category Entertainment - the most exciting book:? Solar? by Ian McEwan (Diogenes Verlag)
Category Aesthetics - the most beautiful book:? Knowledge in pictures? edited by Christoph Drösser (Edel Germany Verlag)
Category Perspective - The Most Skilled Teenage Book: "From one who set out to understand the world and be back by dinner? by Gerd Schneider (Arena Verlag)

For the first time, the readers of bild der wissenschaft were allowed to express their opinions. These are the favorites of the 12th voice, the reader's voice:

Category Overview :? Swarm intelligence? by Len Fisher (Eichborn Verlag)
Category Primer: Prosperity without Growth? by Tim Jackson (Oekom Verlag)
Category Surprise :? Extreme Places? by David Baker, Todd Radcliff (Rowohlt Verlag)
Category Entertainment :? The old king in his exile? by Arno Geiger (Hanser Verlag)
Category Aesthetics :? Science & Technology? edited by Adam Hart-Davis (Dorling Kindersley Verlag) and? The great wonder of animal migration? by KM Kostyal et al. (National Geographic Verlag)
Category Perspective: How to make a whole universe out of 92 elements? by Adrian Dingle (Bloomsbury publishing house) advertisement

The jury included:
Urs Willmann (Die Zeit), Joachim Müller-Jung (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Reto Schneider (Neue Zürcher Zeitung), Jürgen Nakott (National Geographic), Dr. Ing. Reinhard Breuer (Spectrum of Science), Dr. Ing. Uta Altmann (picture of science), dr. Markus Bohn (SWR), Peter Ehmer (WDR), dr. Joachim Bublath (science journalist), dr. Dr. Jens Simon (PTB), Barbara Ritzert (freelance journalist) and the bdw readers (online vote).

Reviews of the winning titles and details of the election can be found in the December issue of bild der wissenschaft.

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