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Of course, there is not nothing - otherwise no one existed who could ask that question. But where does everything come from? Lawrence M. Krauss gives a startling answer: Everything comes from nothing! The theoretical physicist at Arizona State University vehemently opposes Creationism - an absurd mentality that is taught in many schools in the US and is increasingly becoming a problem for established science. Thus, a Creator God is said to have created the world, literally understanding the genesis of the Bible and negating evolution. Krauss guides the reader on a sophisticated level, but mostly understandable, through the abstract worlds of relativity and quantum mechanics.

His by no means new thesis is: The classical idea of ​​a vacuum as an absolutely empty space is wrong. Such a vacuum would have the energy level zero, which contradicts Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, according to which location, momentum, energy, space and time can not be measured arbitrarily precisely. So it's full of virtual particles that can transform into real ones. That's exactly what happened during the Big Bang and the subsequent inflation, which inflated the cosmos enormously. Unfortunately, the author does not mention that there are serious arguments against the inflation scenario. A little more critical questioning would have done the book good. Helmut Hornung

Lawrence M. Krauss A UNIVERSE FROM NOTHING Albrecht Knaus, Munich 2013 252 p., € 19.99 ISBN 978-3-8135-0468-2 E-Book for € 15.99 ISBN 978-3-641-09114-9


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