Read aloud A newly developed spherical robot could in future be used as an automatic security guard. Driven by a pendulum, he makes his way rolling through mud and snow, observing his surroundings with cameras. Intruders can then immediately report the sturdy ball to a control center. The robot was originally developed by scientists from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) for the exploration of planets. Now the small robot from the Swedish start-up company Rotundus is technically equipped for its work as a sentry post, reports the online service of the science magazine New Scientist. Controlled by a GPS sensor, the sturdy robot can go on patrol. On his inspection, he takes his surroundings through small wide-angle cameras on the sides. In the future he should also be able to navigate around obstacles with radar sensors. A software that reacts to movement should automatically detect an intruder and sound the alarm. With its spherical shape, the robot moves more skillfully than its colleagues equipped with legs or wheels - for example, it does not get stuck in corners so easily.

The rolling movement is based on a small motor inside, which drives the axle on which a pendulum is suspended: If the pendulum swings forwards or backwards, the robot moves forwards or backwards, swings it to the side, the robot rolls over left or right. The next version should even have enough power to roll up slopes. For inspection in buildings, the robot is only partially suitable because it fails at heels and stairs.

ddp / Anke Beasts


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