Among other things, the late antique Grabberg Nemrud Dag is on the program.
Read aloud Reading trip through Anatolia: from the Stone Age to the Greeks Today's Turkey was the largest transit country of all time for armies and rulers, for ideas and innovations, for goods and knowledge: in the mountainous Anatolia, the Paleolithic built the first temple in the world, and the Ionians invented philosophy on the shores of Asia Minor. The Hittites from Anatolia defeated Ramses II, the Ottoman Empire had its roots here. Troy grew at the Dardanelles and the second Rome at the Bosporus. Nearly every (western) human age has left its mark in the country between Asia and Europe. The "melting pot of cultures" has absorbed, transformed, developed and passed on impulses from East and West - until today.

We want to take a closer look at this kaleidoscope of human culture. We invite you to a journey through time from 10, 000 BC. to the Istanbul of our day. We will travel by bus and plane from the far west to the most remote, barely developed east. We will visit what one must have seen: the myth-laden Troy and the bizarre Cappadocia, the Hellenistic cities on the west coast, Byzantine monasteries, Armenian churches, Seljuk caravanserais - but also specialties such as:

  • The oldest "city" Catal Höyük and Karatepe, where the Hittite hieroglyphs were deciphered.
  • In Sarissa and on the Göbekli Tepe the German archaeologists will explain their excavations to us.
  • For the second trip
    From the 10th to the 28th of October 2003 there are still some places available. The total price is? 3790, - (single room: plus? 470, -) Two additional program-rich days in Istanbul cost per person? 420 -

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