Read aloud How physicists create oxygen from oxygen, why Venus is seen only twice in the sun in 243 years, how human beings orient themselves in virtual worlds, why Bronze Age miners had it better than today? and much more in the new picture of science. From 15 May 2012 at the kiosk. The title theme of the June issue is the fabric of the opposite world: Antimatierie. Physicists have found ways to make the counterpart to some substances. Exotic matter-antimatter compounds have already emerged and a new field of research? the antichemie. How scientists succeed and in which areas these rare and expensive materials should be used, explains astronomy editor Rüdiger Vaas.

A maze to balls
From space to hamster wheel: Researchers at the University of Bremen send test persons into an imaginary world and observe how they orientate themselves in it. The aim of the investigation is to find out whether we are guided by a metric map in the head or rather by specifics in the environment. On the bdw multimedia pages you will find a photo gallery matching the magazine article.

Black Venus
On June 6, 2012, you have the unique opportunity to observe how Venus? visible as a black dot? passing by in front of the sun. The next Venus transit will be back in 2117. From where the passage of the planet can be seen and what you have to pay attention to, you will also find out on our multimedia pages.

Sunday roast for the mates
Man has been mining for several thousand years. Researchers at the University of Innsbruck have recorded a historic cave in North Tyrol with a 3D laser scanner. In the video they explain how our ancestors in the Bronze Age won Fahlerz and then processed it into copper. Bdw author Angelika Franz reports on the amazingly good living conditions of the Bronze Age buddies. display

Urban Mining
Today, ores are at least as valuable as they were then. Especially in the electrical industry, they play a major role. The promotion is still complex and expensive. Therefore, some companies have come up with something: they recycle the coveted materials from electronic waste. In the image of the science of multimedia, we introduce you to a few successful business models.

The dream of an intact body
About the armpit and nipple, the thyroid gland operate? Or remove a cyst on the liver via the navel? Surgeons are working on new methods to leave as little traces on the body as possible.

The gray crooks
Age does not protect against stupidity ? and not even in prison: our aging society brings with it aged offenders. Bdw author Eva Tenzer describes what that means for the prisons.

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