The headphone of the future will have additional functions. Photo: Steel cooker, Wikipedia
Reading aloud An intelligent headset should enable joggers to listen to music while controlling their heartbeats: their earphones can measure the heartbeat while they play music, and repeatedly communicate the data to the user. The device has now filed a patent for the two Americans Jeffrey Lovejoy and Joseph Giordano. The earphones work similarly to the electrodes in an electrocardiogram (ECG): They are equipped with small, electrically conductive pads that press against the skin in the ear of the user and register the heartbeat there. The data is then passed on to a small computer, which is also responsible for playing the music. There they are charged with stored values ​​of the user such as its size, weight and age.

Depending on what the current performance looks like, does the jogger get it? also over the earphones? Encouraging sentences or the warning not to exaggerate, communicated. In this way, the user always receives the optimal training tips for him, according to the "New Scientist". Another benefit, according to the developers, is that both the uncomfortable chest strap, which many traditional heart rate monitors use to register the heartbeat, and the constant watch on the wrist, to which the data is passed.

For future systems, the inventors also think it possible to let the headphones measure the oxygen saturation of the blood by emitting light through the pinna. When the smart headphones could come on the market, but make Lovejoy and Giordano, however, no information.

New Scientist, online service ddp / Ilka Lehnen-Beyel advertisement


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