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What is to be said about a book in which professors are referred to as "called without inner vocation", "old scientists", "outsiders" and "slave drivers"? Granted, it makes you skeptical. But the authors Uwe Kamenz (Scientific Director of the Institute for Internet Marketing in Dortmund) and Martin Wehrle (career coach and award-winning publicist) prove with wit and many facts that there is enough reason for criticism. According to their investigations, at most half of the 38, 000 professors in Germany teach and research at full steam. And on a fake job advertisement in the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" actually 44 university teachers, who stated that they could spend two to three days a week on a side job. The law allows a maximum of eight hours per week.

Uncounterability and lack of control, designed to ensure free thought and independent criticism, seem to some professors like a license to personal enrichment. Yet it is precisely their impartiality that makes university teachers happy to see guests on talk shows, for example. It is incomprehensible why they cash for a one-hour performance between 7500 Euro (the Leipzig name researcher Prof. Jürgen Udolph) and 14 500 (the Darmstadt financial expert and economist Prof. Bert Rürup). One can not avoid looking more critically at the German Academic Guild after reading it.

Uwe Kamenz, Martin Wehrle PROFESSOR UNTAT Econ, Munich 2007 282 p., € 18, - ISBN 978-3-430-20018-9

Bettina Gartner



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