Read aloud There is no time for sport and no nerves for abstaining from chocolate - why? After all, you get your dream weight completely stress-free from the pharmacy. Collagen sponges, slimming tea or the chemical club - risks and side effects no longer matter when it comes to making a good figure even in airy summer clothes. Only a few are aware of what they are doing to their body. More than 100 years ago, the first diet pill conquered the market. To treat pathological obesity, a thyroid hormone preparation was prescribed, which stimulates the metabolism. It was not until the 1970s that the active ingredient was finally removed from the pharmaceutical range, as more and more unwanted side effects were noted. Cardiac dysrhythmia as well as decreased bone density and osteoporosis could be linked to the hormone preparation. 2, 4-dinitrophenol (2, 4-DNP) was particularly popular in the 1930s. After only a few years it became clear that the anti-fat pill accelerates the metabolism but is also extremely toxic. Today, DNP is found only in wood preservation paints or insecticides.

True drug cocktails were taken until the end of the 60s to bring back the excess pounds. Digitalis glycosides, amphetamines and chlorthalidone worked wonders in the fight against appetite and body fat. Those who opted for this form of therapy, however, found it difficult to get rid of them. In addition to the high addictive potential, more heart disease was also observed. In the 1970s, Danish doctor Doctor Eriksen from Elsinore recognized that his asthma patients treated with ephedrine preparations often complained of anorexia. The asthma pill made from ephedrine, caffeine and phenobarbital was already on the lips of people in 1977 in Denmark.

With chemistry to the desired weight - today one is more cautious
At the moment there is only one product in Germany (active ingredient: dexfenfluramine), which is approved and clinically tested throughout Europe. Dexfenfluramine increases serotonin levels by stimulating the release of this fortunate and inhibiting brain reuptake. The remedy is prescribed by a doctor, and by reputable doctors only for morbid overweight and then only for three months. The side effects - such as tiredness, dizziness, diarrhea - are limited in this product. In addition, the search risk for this drug is considered low.

Tablets that foul the stomach
Without chemicals, compressed collagen pills should make it easier to lose weight. Become rich before you start eating, promises the manufacturer of Matricur (Dr. Suwelack). The protein grows to 18 times its original size after swallowing. Only after about eight hours is the stomach filler made of rawhide completely digested. If you prefer the herbal variety, then you better use CM 3 (easyway). The blue cellulose capsules do not swell as much as the collagen pills and are excreted completely undigested after just five to eight hours. Although comprehensive studies on the potential side effects are still pending, there are both means to buy over the counter in pharmacies. display

The tea that takes the appetite - but keep away from Pu-Erh
If you can not fight the wrong diet, but you just can not leave the chocolate in the supermarket, you can try rooibos tea. The contained flavonoids in the South African shrub give the drink its lovely aroma. The sports physician Jörg Zittlau, who has written a book about this tea, suspected behind it above all a psychological effect. The big hit among diet tees has long been Chinese Pu Errh tea. Meanwhile, one is smarter and consumer centers even speak of customer delusion, since the effect on the love handles is still not proven. On the other hand, considerable amounts of pesticides are very well detectable in some varieties. Presumably, slight poisoning for the diminished appetite. Well then, meal.

Chitosan - the slimming drug from the Internet
The fiber from the shell of crabs and shrimp can bind fat from the food and undigested excreted. But what else chitosan causes in the body remains to be explored. Although it is not yet approved, sales are already in full swing. Nowhere else would such an illegal drug trade be conceivable, as on the street or in the worldwide network?

The recipe for the desired weight is over 2000 years old
Even Hippocrates postulated: Light food and lots of exercise lead the safest to the dream figure. Even if diet pills are very tempting for many, as the annual fight against winter bacon is pending, the success is only lasting, if generally low fat diet and regular exercise is respected. But that does not mean that science leaves us alone with serious weight problems. In the study of morbid weight disorders, recent discoveries have led to a better understanding of how fat genes and various environmental factors favor obesity. For such cases, new promising forms of therapy are expected in the future. Of course, diet pills are very tempting for many when it comes to the annual fight against winter bacon. Nevertheless, the success is only lasting if attention is generally paid to a low-fat diet and regular exercise. Even those who want to counteract the gene and cell aging, creates the best conditions for it with FDH and a lot of movement. If you think you can never really be happy without fat and chocolate, then you should stop eating because the latest studies have shown that fasting makes you happy! bdw-online wishes you a lot of success.

Thomas Niemann

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