Read this week the Vikings storm the movie theaters: The movie "Northmen - A Viking Saga" plays in huge pictures and wild action scenes with the myth of the rough journeymen. talked with producer Frank Kaminski in advance - about the hype about the Vikings, their fighting technique and the unusual location. In addition, we are giving away three exclusive fan packages to the movie!

The Viking theme is booming: The Nordic warriors have recently resorted to their swords in several films - for example in "Vikingdom" or "A Viking Saga". And on TV they are in the series "Vikings" to see. At the same time, there are more and more people dressing up as Vikings during their free time, reviving the time in markets and festivals. Even their own music genre exists, the Viking Metal.

Where does this great interest come from? On the film set of "Northmen - A Viking Saga", producer Frank Kaminski met many enthusiastic supporters of the modern Viking scene. "People identify with this time, " he says. "In the archaic of the Vikings they find an alternative to our world and thus escape their own everyday life." The North European culture of the Northmen with its music and legends provides an ideal projection surface.

No fantasy

In contrast to the competing films, "Northmen" therefore dispenses with fantasy elements. The film crew wanted to draw an authentic picture of this past world. The action takes place in the 8th century, when the Vikings conquered parts of the British Isles and dominated them for 200 years. In the film, a horde of battle-hardened northern stretches on the Scottish coast, where the hostile Skoten reign. The group wafts through their territory to Danelag, a region populated by Vikings. Persecuted by the henchmen of the Skoten king begins a dangerous journey.


Although the film crew was looking for a realistic view of the Vikings - "Northmen" is still a free adaptation of Viking motifs. So for the producer is also the fun in the foreground: "We wanted to make a well-made action film in the old-fashioned sense". Exemplary were the Winnetou films of the 1960s, says Kaminski. Therefore, the film team took some artistic freedom. "The former swords were hellishly heavy, you could hardly lift them. Of course this is not very exciting for the viewer, "explains the filmmaker. "That's why we're guided by the modern fighting techniques and viewing habits of the audience."

Ideal location - South Africa ?!

Kaminski is really impressed by the landscape shots. They impressively show the spectators the gray-green and mist-covered expanses of the Highlands. But the team did not shoot in Scotland, but in South Africa! "There was a lot of skepticism as to why we chose this location. The actors were also skeptical when they came from the airport in Cape Town, "Kaminski admits. But it was not without reason on the black continent: "In the South African winter, the weather conditions are very blatant, it is rainy and windy. The filming was very exhausting, but the setting was ideal for the movie - that's exactly what we wanted to convey. "Apparently, the actors were convinced:" When they were on the set for the first time, everyone was amazed: they thought they were be in Scotland. "

The movie "Northmen - A Viking Saga", which opens in cinemas on October 23, 2014, is an entertaining adventure film that plays freely with the history of the Vikings in spectacular pictures. He is fun and wants more. "We want to give the impression that this was an exciting time and it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the topic."

For example, Kaminski refers to the exhibition "The Vikings, " which has been on display at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin since September. "You can look at the time in a movie from a fictional side and then go to the museum to compare our film to reality."


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Competition question:

Which event in 1066 traditionally marks the end of the Viking Age in England?

The Berlin Viking exhibition

The Berlin Martin-Gropius-Bau will be showing the exhibition "The Vikings" until January 4, 2015. Among the exhibits on the history and culture of the Vikings can be found next to weapons and tools and cult objects. A special highlight is the almost 1000 years old "Roskilde 6", the longest preserved ship of the Viking Age.

Martin Scheufens and Lea Maria Ferguson
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