Lynx traces in the resin A heart, that can be repaired The pedigree of the dinosaurs The fight against cancer Our cosmic neighborhood Reading aloud If you do not like sweet eggs at Easter, you might want something nice and beautiful.

bild der wissenschaft has the ideal gift for those curious who like special pictures. As an exclusive series, we offer several illustrations specially designed for science, which enriched our contributions in the anniversary year 2014. The special feature: You get the artistic science graphics in poster format.

From 5 motives you can choose your 4 favorite posters. The whole package is available for the anniversary price of only 49, 80 Euro (regular 79, 20 Euro). The posters will arrive in a roll stable packed. We take over the postage.

And these are the 5 posters - each 40 by 60 inches in size: Display

  • Lynx traces in the resin
    With additional map on the distribution of the lynx in Germany (bdw 5/14).
  • A heart, that can be repaired
    Cardiac surgery presented at work in a knitwear (bdw 10/14).
  • The pedigree of the dinosaurs
    200 million years of development history at a glance (bdw 9/14).
  • The fight against cancer
    Visualized by itself filling and emptying water glasses (bdw 8/14).
  • Our cosmic neighborhood
    All 165 stars and planetary systems within 20 light years (bdw 6/14).

The edition of this exclusive poster series is limited!

To order, send an e-mail to Please do not forget to indicate which of the posters you would like. You are also welcome to send us a postcard to bild der wissenschaft, Ulrike Matzke, Ernst-Mey-Str. 8, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

You can order individual posters here.

With our image of science posters you order a set of unusual and surprising representations of modern scientific research. You do not need the festive occasion for that. By the way: If you want to have all 5 posters, the price is only 59, 90 Euro.

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