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Astronomers had calculated that in Rome on August 1, 45 AD. a solar eclipse should take place. Ironically, on this day also fell the birthday of Emperor Claudius. And that was the problem: sky phenomena such as eclipses or comets were the least able to explain themselves at this time and therefore regarded them with skepticism or fear, interpreted them as a bad omen. Emperor Claudius was not worried for no reason, one could associate his birthday with a bad omen. Even riots could not be ruled out. In this situation, Claudius stepped forward and decided to announce the eclipse everywhere in public. People should be prepared for the timing and duration of the eclipse and learn from the astronomers how such an event occurred. After all, the scientists had been familiar with the actual processes and causes for a long time. Whether this "popular enlightenment" was crowned with success, is not known, but at least Claudius had achieved by his clever measure that it did not cause unrest. As a bad sign has been the eclipse but probably still been perceived.


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