Read out The German Bundestag launched a pilot project on "electronic democracy" on Thursday. For the first time, the bill will not only advise a parliament, but can also co-exist over the internet. Initiator is the Subcommittee New Media of the Bundestag, which wants to explore the chances of the "e-Democracy" on the example of the current legislation for the modernization of the information right. For the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, not only the drafts of the speakers, but also the results of the expert opinions, the positions of the Bundestag factions and the statements submitted by the associations should be published on the Internet and above all put up for discussion.

Decisive factor of the project is the interactive exchange. Every citizen can participate under or in the discussion around the organization of a modern right of information for the knowledge and information society.

Responsible for the project on the part of the Bundestag is the "editorial conference" at the Subcommittee New Media headed by the deputy Jörg Tauss. The project is scientifically accompanied by the Institute for Public Law of the University of Frankfurt. The Institute for Journalism at the University of Münster under the direction of Prof. Miriam Meckel carries out communication-accompanying research.

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