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A hare had lost his way to the gymnasium of Sparta. Here were just a few young Spartans busy with sports exercises. But a few of them ran laughing after the unusual guest as he walked outside again. Just as they had left the building, the earth began to shake, the gymnasium collapsed. Those who did not follow the beast were buried by the rubble. This earthquake, which occurred in 464 BC In Sparta, due to the unusually high number of victims, it gained notoriety: 20, 000 people were reportedly killed. In addition, the Helots, who were enslaved by the Spartans indigenous peoples of the Peloponnese, took advantage of the opportunity for an uprising. They entrenched themselves on Mount Ithome, where they resisted the Spartans for ten years. The military strength of the Spartans was greatly weakened by the earthquake for a long time. In the meantime, another state in the Greek area succeeded in becoming an important competitor for power: Athens.


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