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You are amazed - the images of the planets of our solar system, which Michael Benson has selected from the archives of NASA, ESA and the Japanese Space Agency and worked elaborately. among others

Michael Benson FAR BEYOND Frederking & Thaler, Munich 2013, 208 bebild. S., € 69, - ISBN 978-3-95416-090-7


Bees not only provide delicious honey on the breakfast sandwich - statistically every third bite is the result of pollination by bees. The large-format book provides exciting insights into the world of these social insects in words and pictures. among others

Claus-Peter Lieckfeld (text), Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch (photos) MAKROKOSMOS HONEY BEE Dölling and Galitz, Munich 2013, 80 p., € 19.90 ISBN 978-3-86218-057-8


Cats, eagles, bats - what the different animals see, reveals an imaginatively designed book for children from 8 years. The exciting and understandable information is at the cutting edge of science. ua display

Guillaume Duprat WHAT DOES THE RAINWURM MEAN? Knesebeck, Munich 2014 36 p. With hinged illustrations, € 18, - ISBN 978-3-86873-682-3


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