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Long-suffering residents of the entry lanes of airports can still remember the noisy soot flingers of the first generation of jets. There are worlds between the humming of a modern airliner and the deafening noise of former airliners. The noise pollution in the area of ​​the airports today amounts to a quarter of the values ​​of 30 years ago. Decisive for this progress was the development of new engines. However, the potential in the construction of aircraft engines is far from exhausted: "In 15 years, the engines will be 15 to 20 percent more economical and 50 percent quieter, " promises Odilo Mühling of MTU Aero Engines in Munich. The hope for this is the so-called geared fan - the rotor visible in the front of the turbine. He is responsible for the thrust. In today's engines fan and turbine are connected by a rigid shaft. With the geared fan, a reduction gear should ensure that both components work optimally. Such an engine has now been developed by MTU together with engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney and is already under test as ATFI (Advanced Technology Fan Integrator). With the market launch of the geared fan, the manufacturer expects in about five years.

Hans Groth


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