When crushing garlic, the enzyme alliinase is released. Photo: Donovan Govan / Wikipedia
Reading Cooks should always refine their food with crushed garlic: The alliinase enzyme, which releases when squeezed, promotes the formation of healthy ingredients and ensures that these substances, which have a positive effect on the blood vessels, outlast the heat in the oven or cooking pot for longer. Argentine researchers have found this out in cooking experiments. They suggest that the crushed garlic be allowed to stand for ten minutes before cooking. Then the concentration of the protective substances is highest, write the researchers. They studied the concentration of allicin-derived drug Alliinase in various formulations of whole and squeezed garlic. This substance inhibits the clumping of platelets and thus prevents cardiovascular diseases. Galmarini cooked the garlic in the convection oven, in the saucepan and in the microwave. A total of 25 test variants they simmered through. It turned out that a three-minute cooking in the convection oven at 200 degrees Celsius or in boiling water barely lowered the allicin concentration.

Only with cooking procedures from six minutes, the drug concentration dropped significantly not crushed garlic. After ten minutes of cooking, the crushed variation gave way. In the microwave oven, however, the concentration did not change. According to the researchers, the way in which they are prepared has a great influence on whether the active ingredients in garlic can develop. They recommend only cooking the garlic for a short time and let it simmer for a bit longer before being crushed. Then the enzyme alliinase has time to produce as much of the protective substance allicin.

Claudio Galmarini (Argentine National University, Mendoza) et al .: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vol. 55, p. 1280 ddp / science.de? Martin Schäfer

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