The United Nations (UN) declared biosphere reserve the world's largest tropical wetland last week. It is located in the Pantanal region of Brazil and covers an area about half the size of France.

There are 350 biosphere reserves in 85 countries worldwide. Through biosphere reserves, the United Nations wants to protect the unique ecosystems and promote their research in a sustainable way.

This intervention by the UN came at the right time for the environmental organization International River Network: "Although the UN is not particularly rigorous in achieving its goals and has no legal means, its decisions are putting moral pressure into it. This shows Brazil that there is an international interest in the Pantanal region, "explains Glenn Switkes of the International River Network (IRN) to the environmental news agency ENN.
The IRN is part of "Rios Vivos", an association of 300 South American non-governmental organizations.

Their goal now seems almost reached: Rios Vivos wanted to prevent the government promotes the construction of an industrial waterway of 3, 400 kilometers in length. This would have led right through the fragile ecosystem in the Pantanal region. The Brazilian government recently received a US $ 165 million loan from the US Development Bank. This money will now be used to promote ecotourism, rehabilitation projects and sustainable development.

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