Read more and more people are stuck despite better prevention chances with genital herpes. About 15 percent of people in Germany are affected by the herpes simplex virus type 2, which can lead to a particularly painful genital rash, said the Krefeld expert Sawko Wassilew in a dpa interview for the First International Herpes Week from the 18th to 25. November. Only about one in five know about estimates of this infection. Especially during intercourse, therefore, too few people prevented a possible infection. Condoms can stop the viruses.

The herpes week had the International Herpes Alliance (IHA) proclaimed. The association of researchers and self-help groups, which has existed since 1999, aims to improve education. 107 million people are infected worldwide.

The skin disease spreads according to Wassilews. According to the latest figures in the US, there has been an increase in the infected population of around 30 percent within ten years, said the director of the Dermatological Clinic Krefeld and a professor at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. So far, there is neither a vaccine nor a means that kills the viruses in the body.

For years researchers have been feverishly searching for a herpes vaccine. "There will be no breakthrough in the next ten years, " Vasilev predicted. Recently, a vaccine failed in the clinical trial phase. A long-term treatment, however, can prevent the passing of the virus to an estimated 95 percent. The antiviral drugs also largely prevented the onset of the disease. They prevent the spread of viruses in the body and have been greatly improved in recent years.

The spread of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS is greatly favored by the prevalence of herpes, according to Vasilyev. "In certain herpes infections, the HIV virus transmits much faster, " said Vasilev. Aids research therefore has high hopes for success in the fight against herpes. display

Especially people with sexually transmitted diseases are also exposed to a higher risk of herpes and should be tested for an infection, advised Wassilew. The virus type 2 sufferers usually suffer from a blister rash on the genitals. Even more common, but also much less dangerous, is virus type 1, which causes the widespread lip and facial blisters.


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