Read aloud Surprisingly different - surprisingly similar As the father of thirteen-year-old twins - Felix and Stefan - I follow with great attention (and not a little pride) the handball game of the two "surprisingly different" looking twin brothers. I always notice that both are always in the game and, so to speak, form a team in a team. Of course, they also play on their teammates, but it is obvious that a two-minute "time-out" imposed by the referee for one means a two-minute "shock time" for the other. The game of the not expelled from the place is only again sovereign and fluent, when the twin brother is back with the party. In this regard, both behave as "surprisingly similar". After the game, both lie together on their blankets and discuss the ups and downs of the previously fought together game. I enjoy these debates as well as the actual game. Sincerely, Erwin Kerkenberg, Varel --- What is it like to go through life as a twin? Most stalwarts respond that they would do everything with their twin to buy the same clothes and wear the same hairstyle. But many of them do not really think about what it's like to spend their entire lives as someone's doppelganger. For many it may seem very amusing, the idea of ​​having a twin. But as a twin you have a hard time asserting yourself as a separate, individual person. From an early age we have to struggle not only to be "yours". Meanwhile, my sister Carolin and I, Cathrin, have 19 years of being twin behind us. And it was only about three years ago that we started our "own" life. After we had finished school, my sister began to make her graduate diploma in electrical engineering, and now goes to study optics in the summer in the FH. On the other hand, I started training as an electronics technician for automation technology. From then on, we were on our own. We had this caregiver, the other for us was no longer on our side. But from then on we were also called "you" and not "yours", from then on we started not to think as "we" anymore, but finally to the "me". We were, like most twins from childhood, together in the same kindergarten group, the same class and the same sports courses put. We did not know how to do everything together and accordingly we were so much alike. (...) But this similarity is not always useful. We have experienced many situations in which we have wished to be single children. People like to treat you as one person, you do not see the differences, and you stamp twins the same. Even at school, the teachers did not go out of their way to keep us apart. Often it was only said that one or the other twin, and therefore we usually got the same notes. Even when we came to a new school and went into different classes, we were in the religious course, which we unfortunately had together, again referred to as "your". The teacher did not even remember our names and spoke to us always together. Another, actually quite funny situation was when we were in the 8th grade. My sister had her class one floor lower than me. At some point during the break, two boys suddenly came to me and asked, "Why are you kidding at school three times a day?", Apparently after two years they did not realize that I was a twin. But even with the boys we had some who did not care who they talked to or got to know. First, they arranged to meet with one and when they showed no interest, they just went to others, according to the motto: are both the same anyway, so it does not matter whom I take. But of course there are also good sides to being twins. You have someone who you are very close to forever. With which you have done almost everything and with which you discovered the world as a toddler. (...) Cathrin Heim (text slightly shortened) - I do not want to be without her Hello, I'm 17 and I have a twin myself, Jennifer. Actually, not much separates us, except that she sits in a wheelchair and has been blind for some years. Because she is restricted, we quarrel every day, which is not meant to be serious, but most of the time, she usually strives to argue only with me and not even with our 1 1/2 years younger sister. Our mother thinks she's jealous of me because I'm closer to her than our sister. I often try to do something with her, but most of the time she does not want to, which makes me a little sad, because I like being around her, even if she's not good at talking to me. Who cares, I like her as she is. Even sitting in a wheelchair and being blind does not bother me anymore. She is my twin sister and I do not want to be without her. Best regards, Lisa - Not a Healing World My story probably does not fit into the cliché of the healing twin world, and I'm very sad about it. We are both 55 years old and I never thought that my "twin world" would break apart. Despite some arguments, it went on and on. We had a very nice time young. We had the same taste, we traveled regularly. When shopping, we often found the same piece independently. So that we were not always optically twins, my sister changed her hair color. She is the blonde, me the dark one. Unfortunately, my sister's life has gotten into a bad personality disorder. She also said many times, Mom would have preferred me as a toddler ... She is a totally restless person, and I think she is very dissatisfied. She always wants to be ten times what she really is. She piles up in terms of her education or her ownership. But she does not look bad, she lives very well, and actually she is doing very well. She thinks up stories about me that hurt me and that often get me in trouble. She often embarrasses me. If I can not "remember" any of her invented stories, she'll tell people how bad it is for me! This has become more and more difficult over the years because it also interferes intensely with my life and that of my family. Since I was convinced that she is actually ill, I have swallowed a lot and always had negligence with her. Unfortunately, this sacrifice was totally in vain, because now she is totally failing with every little thing. If I criticize her or it does not suit her a question, I will be insulted with the worst expressions. She also announces immediately that she never wants to see me in her life anymore. My doctor advised me to distance myself completely because she wants to destroy me. He is right, but despite all this I am unhappy. Actually, I would love to help her, miss my sister from before, who was also my girlfriend. But I can not handle this condition anymore. In order to better process the whole thing, I have now started to write a book. Unfortunately, I'm very busy in my job, and things are moving very slowly. Your sonja ---- That's how none of the twins get too short! I took a three-year dad break. The result was: For ten years I have been a single father of three children, of course with no maternal child support. The two boys are today 18 years old. Funny is that my girlfriend and I got two girls seven years ago. Not so good is that the fifth daughter with four twins permanently as the fifth wheel on the car! Hans Rothkegel ---- Gemini in my home village I do not have a twins birth, but I did a genealogical study of the population of my home village over a period of about 300 years. The result for the twin frequency can be found in the table below. The entire work was published in the yearbook 63/2006 of "hegau", the journal of the Hegau History Association eV, Singen / Hohentwiel. Here is the short version: Contribution to the occurrence of twin births In a genealogical study of the inhabitants of Friedingen, a district of Singen am Hohentwiel, Constance, among 4, 476 births in the period 1650 to 1938, among other things, the twin frequency determined with the following Result: The 47 twin births correspond to a share of 1.06%. A concentration of twin births on certain families was noted. Thus, in four of the 47 cases, a woman twice had a twin birth. In another four cases, a twin birth occurred at mother and daughter. This indicates a genetic relationship in the presence of twin births. Dr. Franz Werkmeister, Sindelfingen ----- stayed behind I am a "twin" whose second half died already during pregnancy (interesting to read that something like that occurs in 25 percent of multiple pregnancies). Of course, I can not tell a story, but it would interest me if other "left-behind halves", as well as I, suffer from frequent fears. I suspect that, since one is already confronted with the topic of "death" in close proximity. For me the fears arose from the age of 39 years, now I'm 67. Bernhard Linde ---- Blinder Alarm We, Klaus and R diger Krawielitzki, are identical twins, born in 1934, so now both 75 years old and both living in Rostock. In 1995, Klaus, I suffered a heart attack and lay in the intensive care unit of the University Hospital Rostock. My wife had already visited me once and now my brother, R diger, wanted to visit me there. So the two made an appointment, met in front of the clinic, and then went to the visitor's wing in front of the hospital. An attentive nurse noticed the two in the hall and ran excitedly to the head physician and reported breathlessly: "The infarct patient of room 317 is completely dressed with his wife in the hallway! I think they want to settle !!! "This of course immediately triggered the highest alarm and the head physician, two nurses and the nurse rushed down the hall and on the two unsuspecting visitors to prevent the escape. Before the completely surprised could even say a word, the two orderlies seized the alleged refugee and dragged him energetically down the corridor back to the intensive care unit and scolded loudly for "irresponsible sadness, " "life-weary patients, " and - there was no restraint and no help Protest - pushed him back to sickroom 317. But there was already peacefully and innocently, the "right" patient in bed and amazed not bad about the excited and scolding crowd that pushed so suddenly into the room. The bafflement on both sides was huge, and all were speechless until my brother was the first to find the language again and declared: "I just wanted to visit my twin brother Klaus!" The tension then dissolved in a liberating laugh of all present and the Relief that it was only a blind alarm. Dr. Klaus Krawielitzki, Rostock --- Goodbye It is well known that identical twins maintain a close bond with one another for a very long time and often choose the same career goal due to the same predisposition and inclination. That's how it was with us. Both of us studied chemistry in Rostock. The first longer separation of larger scale we experienced in the third year of study. I had to do a several-week internship in Berlin while my brother was able to stay at the university. But he promised to follow as soon as possible to explore with me the city (then still without a wall) and its sights. I was alone on the weekends. For a day I had made the visit to the International Building Exhibition, which fascinated me with its interesting buildings, greenery and futuristic models. After extensive exploration of the grounds, I finally entered a residential complex to take a look at the modern interior design. Out of the bright sunshine I reached a shady and pleasantly cool corridor. There, suddenly, unexpectedly, my brother came to meet me. Gladly I approached him: "Hello, Klaus, you also here in Berlin?" I had not finished this sentence when I received a big punch in front of my head. Still dazed by the impact, I realized that I had run into a huge mirror that occupied the entire corridor wall. I did not recognize my own reflection. Dr. Rüdiger Krawielitzki, Rostock - We were sensible students! We are identical twin sisters, and at school we have often been confused, not only because of our amazingly similar appearance, but also because of the similarity of our first names (Alina and Alisa). So it even happened that the teachers had exchanged some of our grades. Of course that was good for the one of us who actually got the worse. Another fun experience we had in our Abitur exam. There we were required to present the identity card, since it was quite possible that we had written the exams for each other. However, that would have been of no use, since the teachers on the identity card could not differentiate us either. We could have exchanged this before. Of course that was not the case. We were sensible students. ???? Alisa and Alina Krupp, 21 years


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