Reading a chair equipped with sensors from the USA "recognizes" a wide variety of seating positions and will soon be able to differentiate different people in their seat pattern. A wide range of possible applications is conceivable. Starting with the self-adjusting car seat to the desk chair, which sounds a warning when the sitter falls into a crooked, unhealthy attitude.

"The chair perceives the pressure on the seat and backrest, " explains Hong Tan, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. These print patterns compare the associated computer with stored algorithms and can recognize the sitting position.

The "intelligent chair" can even distinguish between similar positions: for example, when the person leaned to the left, leaned to the left to knock over the right leg, or overturned the leg without leftwing. "We expected confusion in these three sitting positions because they are so similar, " Tan said.

So far, however, the system measures only static, immobile postures in moment sections. The team is now working on a dynamic system: "For example, we can see how people move during an eight-hour day, " explains Tan. However, such dynamic printing patterns could also be used in security systems, for example if only authorized personnel are allowed to work in certain workplaces.

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