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Since Jana Burczyk had first glimpsed through her father's old school microscope, Jana Burczyk (b. 1995) microscoped everything that came between the slide and cover slip: milk, old leaves from the windowsill and some days in the nursery cabinet incubated herbal tinctures. But it was not only the microcosm that fascinated her: in the Natural History Museum, Jana Burczyk spent much of her time in the geological department, plunging into new discoveries of the Hubble telescope, or breeding underwater crawlers under the bed. At school, Jana Burczyk was in charge of the school newspaper for years, reporting from her year abroad in Japan. Both passages combined the field of study of science journalism, which she studied at the TU Dortmund after finishing high school in 2014. There she also learned where the crystals from the Natural History Museum got their color. Since October 2017 she is a volunteer at bild der wissenschaft.


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