Readings Previous studies of coeducation criticized According to many scientists, boys are the beneficiaries of "coeducation", the joint teaching of boys and girls. Teaching is more focused on the boys and meets their interests and intellectual abilities. Especially in mathematics, technology and science girls are marginalized, so the point of view.

A new study comes to a different conclusion. After this, the boys do not benefit from common instruction. They even learn better and feel better when they do not go to school with girls. This reports the journal "Psychology Today" in its current issue.

This study was conducted by psychologists Friederike Holz-Ebeling, Janet Grätz-Tümmers and Christine Schwarz at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. They interviewed grade 11 and 12 students from four Catholic private schools. They evaluated the questionnaires of 439 pupils: 111 questionnaires of girls and 140 of boys from coeducational schools as well as 188 boys from pure boys' schools.

The previous studies on the co-education question criticize the psychologists, since girls were always compared with boys. In their opinion, however, it is only permissible to compare boys from coeducational schools with boys from boys' schools. display

Dagmar Kronenberg


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