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51 young scientists and scientists have been awarded the Klaus Tschira Award for Comprehensible Science, which has been advertised throughout Germany since 2006. The works of the six current winners are the main component of this image of science plus. The Klaus Tschira Prize - handed over in a festive event and associated with a prize money of 5, 000 euros - is intended to inspire the winners for a lifetime of research, to strive for scientific clarity in addition to an understandable presentation when it comes to informing the general public.

To qualify award winners and all other 1, 500 applicants even better for this task, the employees of the Klaus Tschira Foundation came up with the idea in 2009 to offer the "Science Communication" workshop: one day, two days since 2013. In it, Carsten Könneker, Scientific Director of the National Institute for Science Communication and Editor-in-Chief of Verlag Spektrum der Wissenschaft, outlines how contemporary communication must look like. On the second day of the seminar, the science journalist Martin Roos analyzes the entries submitted for the Klaus Tschira Prize individually and at the same time communicates essential journalistic forms of presentation.

74 women and men attended the workshops recently. This is 42 percent of all applicants for the Klaus Tschira Prize 2013. Among them was Dörte Beigel, who works as a postdoc at the "Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing" (IWR) at the University of Heidelberg. It was her first workshop of its kind. When she was invited by the foundation, she did not hesitate for a moment to devote time. "What I really liked was the structured thinking about science communication. I learned how to work out a core message, how to communicate with the target audience and which style is particularly suitable for this. "Beigel, for example, has just used her newly acquired knowledge to present her area of ​​expertise at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2014.

Apropos: The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is a joint initiative of the Klaus Tschira Foundation and its research institute, the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies. The aim of the initiative (article from page 4) is to provide mathematicians and computer scientists with a similar network meeting, as the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have been offering for many decades. display

The activities of the Klaus Tschira Foundation go far beyond awarding a prize. "Our wealth and our communication are based on the natural sciences, as well as on mathematics and computer science. In order for our society to be able to build on the results of these specialist areas in the future, the Klaus Tschira Foundation supports natural sciences, mathematics and computer science and would like to contribute to their appreciation, "the foundation describes its goal.

Donors like Klaus Tschira thus provide Germany with additional perspectives.

Your Wolfgang Hess, editor-in-chief


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