Read aloud Whether the pants are sitting and also does not move when stooping, dress buyers can soon try online. The technology for the virtual dressing room has been developed by several research groups within the framework of the EU project "Fashion Me", in which the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization in Stuttgart also participates.

At the "Fashion Show Portugal" in Oporto, customers could dress for the first time virtually. First, a 3D scanner takes the measurements and calculates an "avatar", a three-dimensional, moving image of the human being. Customers then try their clothes on their electronic twin. At the click of a mouse, the avatar turns and bends down. The potential buyers can even regulate the light in the virtual dressing room. The Portuguese clothing manufacturer Maconde was the first to integrate the technology into its online shop.

The virtual, three-dimensional fittings will make up for a "big drawback" of online catalogs, says Fraunhofer researcher Uwe Rotter. In the just published study "Fashion online? The third dimension of online fashion sales "has its working group analyzed the problems and gives tips to online textile retailers. They are urgently needed: Only every dog ​​on the market occasionally buys clothes on the Internet, the researchers found.

ddp / bdw - Marcel Falk


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