Earth and Moon viewed from Mars. (Photo: NASA)
Reading aloud Anyone who has always wondered what the Earth looks like when viewed from Mars can now be helped: NASA has published the first image of the Earth taken from Mars. The spacecraft "Mars Global Surveyor" has taken the picture, which offers a unique view of earth and moon from 139 million kilometers away, on May 8, 2003. The image has been specially crafted so that the Earth can be seen simultaneously with the much darker Moon, and shows both in a crescent-shaped phase.

The bright area in the upper part of the earth are clouds over the east of North America. Below are in a darker area Central America and the Gulf of Mexico. The bright spot in the middle of the crescent moon comes from clouds over northern South America.

At the same time, Mars Global Surveyor has succeeded in capturing Jupiter, who was in line with Earth at that time. Next to Jupiter are the satellites Callisto, Ganymede and Europe.

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