Reading aloud Mobile phones are getting smaller and wearable computers already integrated into the first garments. However, to still be able to enter texts quickly and accurately, a US researcher has now developed a mobile keyboard that consists only of contacts on the fingertips. With some practice, this idea represents an interesting alternative to the not yet mature and not always applicable voice input, reports the journal "Technology Review". With six pads on each thumb - three in the front, three in the back - and one on each fingertip, you can quickly enter all the letters of a regular "QWERTZ" keyboard. The thumb contacts encode the three letter rows of the keyboard and the remaining eight fingertips encode the corresponding letter columns. If the right index finger touches the front center contact on the right thumb, the result is a J. Accordingly, the upper contact generates a U. Carsten Mehring, the developer at the University of California in Irvine, has programmed a virtual finger play on the Internet for an illustrative demonstration can be tested.

If, in the future, a manager at the airport apparently performs a small finger theater, he may only write a short e-mail to his business friend. Due to the logical structure of this finger keyboard, the typing alphabet should be easy to learn. A cramp in the fingers is unlikely due to the clever position of the contacts. Mehring has already applied for a patent for his fingertip keyboard and hopes to launch a first product by the end of the year.

Jan Oliver Löfken


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