Walnuts are antihypertensives. Credit: Heather Annette Miller; Penn State
Read out Already nine walnuts a day and a teaspoon of walnut oil can protect the body from too high blood pressure in stressful situations. This is the finding of US scientists who have studied how a walnut-rich diet affects blood pressure and blood vessels. They also showed that walnuts in combination with linseed oil can improve the condition of the blood vessels. The researchers around Sheila West from Pennsylvania State University at University Park see in their results further evidence of the important role of walnuts in a healthy diet. For their study, the scientists designed three different menus for 22 subjects: one without walnuts, one with nine walnuts and a teaspoon of walnut oil daily and one version with one and a half teaspoons of linseed oil in addition to walnuts and walnut oil. Each subject followed the first plan for six weeks, fed normally for one week, then started the second phase of dieting and completed the study after another week off with the third plan.

After each phase, participants had to undergo two stress tests, one psychological and one physiological. In the first case, they were to give a speech filmed with video camels, and in the second, they had to keep one foot in ice-cold water. Before and during these tests, the scientists checked the blood pressure of the study participants. In addition, the condition of important blood vessels was ultrasonically checked in some subjects.

The results showed that the average blood pressure at rest and in the stress situations after the walnut diet was significantly lower than in the diet without walnuts and walnut oil. Although the administration of additional linseed oil brought no further improvement in blood pressure, but in the condition of the arteries of the subjects: The ultrasound studies documented after the walnut-rich diet plus linseed oil a better state of the arteries.

The reason for the positive effect of walnuts and also flaxseed the researchers in the high content of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. "The results complement some recent studies that show the beneficial effects of walnuts, especially on blood pressure. Our results show that stress-induced high blood pressure can be alleviated by dieting with walnuts, "says Sheila West. display

Sheila West (Pennsylvania State University, University Park) et al .: Journal of the American College of Nutrition dapd / science.de? Martin Vieweg

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