Read The US aircraft giant Boeing is working on a reduction of gravity in a top-secret research program. According to a report by the British intelligence service BBC, the research is codenamed "Project Grasp" in the secret Phantom Works labs of Boeing in Seattle. The US space agency Nasa is working on a reduction in gravity? but so far without success. The research is based on a controversial work by the Russian researcher Yevgeny Podkletnov in 1992. Podkletnov claims in several reports that he had observed a two percent decrease in the gravitational force of a body floating over a superconducting ceramic ring at an experiment at the University of Tampere, Finland. However, scientists from many laboratories have not been successful in repeating Podkletnov's experiments to date. Therefore, his work in the professional world is sometimes not taken seriously.

Reducing gravity by just two percent would have a big impact on the energy costs of flights? so the calculation of Boeing. The head of Phantom Works George Muellner is convinced, according to the magazine "Jane's Defense Weekly" in contrast to the vast majority of research on the fundamental properties of gravity scientists, the quality of Russian work.

Stefan Maier


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