Reading Stars in the final stage look like a huge garden ant in their appearance. After evaluating new detailed images of the Hubble Space Telescope, some ideas about the end of the celestial bodies would have to be rethought, the European Space Agency (ESA) Information Center said on Thursday in Garching near Munich.

The bizarre form is apparently caused by gas discharges of the sun-like star, writes the American Astronomical Society. The process of "sunning" is much more complex than previously thought. The evaluations of the images come from astronomers of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to the astronomers, a smaller planet in the orbit of the dying star could be to blame for the bizarre game of shapes. Its strong attractions may have influenced the shape of the gases. Another explanation might be a strong magnetic field that winds in complex orbits around the star. Rising solar winds from a speed of up to 1, 000 kilometers per hour followed its tracks. Ultraviolet light from the sun's interior finally makes the winds visible.




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