White wine and red wine increase the risk of cancer equally.
Read out Red wine and white wine alike increase the risk of breast cancer in women. The medical profession found out by asking several thousand women. Alcohol is generally considered carcinogenic, but red wine has a positive effect on some diseases. The new study shows that there is no difference between the types of wine for breast cancer. Previous studies had shown that red wine can counteract heart disease and prostate cancer. To determine if breast cancer has a similar effect, the researchers surveyed 6, 300 women with breast cancer and 7, 500 healthy women. The participants were between 20 and 69 years old and shared their drinking habits and medical background information.

The evaluation of the study showed a significantly increased risk of breast cancer for women drinking polycystic acid. Women who consumed 14 eighths of a liter of wine per week or more had a 24 percent higher breast cancer risk. Whether the women preferred to drink red wine or white wine, however, had no influence. In addition, the study confirms known associations, the researchers explain: Women were more likely to have cancer when their menstruation started early, when they became young or late in menopause, if they had close relatives with cancer or were overweight.

Polly Newcomb (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle) et al .: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, Vol. 18, OF1-4 ddp / wde? Martin Rötzschke

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