Read out Special exhibition "Life from the seed" from 19 May to mid-October 2005 in the Natural History Museum Solothurn Seeds are wonderful - says the Museum Solothurn and shows what effect the tiny grains can have. About 230, 000 different types of seed plants grow on the mainland. They serve as habitat and food, help with the production of medicines and the production of textiles.

To spread and multiply, the different seeds have developed very different tricks. Some sail with a parachute of fine hair through the air (dandelion, poplar), others can be drifting through the water (coconut, Fieberklee). A peculiar way to take fruits (cherries, cranberries): They wrap their seeds in delicious pulp, so they are eaten, transported through the country and - germinated - excreted with the feces.

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CH-4500 Solothurn
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