Reading Physicists explore wormholes as cosmic abbreviations. In Einstein's theory of relativity, there are loopholes that seem to allow light-fast travel. With exotic matter the dream of flight to the stars could become reality. So far we can only overcome our cosmic isolation in the imagination. Even if it were possible to send interstellar arks on the journey or freeze daring astronauts for millennia and only to wake up at the destination, these trips to our immediate cosmic neighborhood would be possible only at a snail's pace. Even advanced antimatter propulsion technologies could never reach the "wall" of speed of light due to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity because infinite amounts of energy would be required.

Einstein's theory of relativity, however, literally allows a loophole for light-fast travel. Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, together with his Ph.D. student Michael Morris, succeeded in describing how two distant regions in space could communicate with each other. Such space-time tunnels had previously been studied by other scientists, even by Albert Einstein himself. Thornes' former PhD supervisor John Archibald Wheeler, who taught at Princeton University in the US and who uses the term "black hole", had them in 1957 Compared holes of worms in apples and referred to as "wormholes".

These entities may be used as shortcuts to reach distant regions in space or even advance into other universes. This could trick the barrier of the speed of light. For intergalactic spaceflights, however, special conditions are required to ensure a safe passage: - The wormhole must be stable. - The gravitational forces must be small. - The journey through the hole may take a maximum of one year. - The construction of a wormhole must be possible in a reasonable time and do not devour infinite amounts of matter and energy.

So far, the theoreticians are still largely in the dark. Of course, that does not stop them from speculating about wormhole applications. Such space-time connections would not only be suitable for quickly traveling huge distances, colonizing distant worlds, and visiting other peoples of the galaxy. Wormhole passages can also be put into black holes. This would make it possible to undertake excursions into the gravity traps, explore them and return safely. display

Above all, matter and energy could be sucked out of the black holes and transported via the wormhole pipelines directly to the type of consumption. All energy problems would be solved once and for all.

=== Rüdiger Vaas


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