Read out 300, 000 pigs, chickens, salmon pools, fungal cultures and greenhouses for agricultural cultivation - all in a 20-meter high building with a total of 25 hectares. These are the plans for a huge, intensively operated "agricultural park" in the form of a six-storey skyscraper in the port of Rotterdam. The novel concept is heavily controversial.

Jan De Wilt of the National Council for Agricultural Research is the originator of this project: The "multi-story agriculture" is the only solution to cope with the problem of space in Holland. The agricultural park is heavily criticized by farmers and animal rights activists: "Farmers already have problems with animal hygiene, and keeping 300, 000 pigs in a building carries a tremendous risk of disease transmission, " warns Bird van den Berg of the Animal Protection Society.

De Wilt argues: "If people can live in multi-story buildings, then pigs can do it too. The fact that some people can not make friends with the idea is because they have a romantic view of agriculture. But this is no longer tenable today. "

Holland is the third largest food exporter in the world and much of the country is already heavily farmed. Therefore, according to De Wilt, the agricultural park can only mean an improvement in the quality of the landscape. Because it required less land area, the transport routes were shorter and the housing conditions better: Each pig would have 1.5 square meters and access to a balcony. (New Scientist)

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