In the context of the development of a vaccine against kidney cancer, a committee of the University of Göttingen has identified academic shortcomings in the research work. In his publication, the scientist in question used a picture from the Internet without the required marking and, in the evaluation of X-ray images, "did not do enough to ensure the necessary scientific care". The physician was therefore requested to withdraw his application for habilitation, said University President Horst Kern on Wednesday in front of journalists. Further allegations that the vaccine is said to be ineffective and even toxic have not been proven, said the Dean of the Department of Medicine, Manfred Droese. The allegations should, however, be cleared up "quickly and thoroughly". To this end, the University of Göttingen also wants to consult external experts.

According to the previous investigations of the so-called ombudsman body of the university, the research results of the criticized doctor would not be devalued by the identified deficiencies in his written publication, said Droese. The new medicine was administered in Göttingen University Hospital in the context of experimental therapy in a total of about 100 patients with malignant renal cancer. In some cases "drastic" tumors were regressed.
The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the remedy is still pending, said Droese.

However, a planned larger study had been stopped for the time being. She will not begin until all the allegations are completely cleared up and the University's Ethics Committee has re-examined her approval. Until then, no other patients received the vaccine.

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