Read out The ancestors of today's Europeans are largely from the Middle East. The British researchers found out after a comparison of genetic data. Their calculations showed that, on average, half of a European's genes go back to Middle East roots. The scientists around Lounès Chikhi from the University College in London report this in a pre-publication of the journal "Proceedings" of the American Academy of Sciences.

The proportion of genes of Asian origin ranges from 15 to 30 percent in Germany and France to 85 to 100 percent in Southeastern Europe. The study supports the so-called "Demic Diffusion Model": In the Neolithic period (5, 500 to 2, 200 BC), farmers from the Middle East migrated to Europe, settled here and mingled with local hunters and gatherers. They brought not only agricultural know-how into the region, but also new genes.

ddp / bdw - Carolin Muck


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