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33 leading international scientists in conversation with Wolfgang Hess, longtime editor-in-chief of bild der wissenschaft

7.8 million scientists belong to UNESCO worldwide. 22 percent work in the European Union, 19 percent in the People's Republic of China and just under 17 percent in the US. Together with the even greater number of industry researchers and the many inventors, they produce new knowledge, developments and products virtually every second. This phalanx ensures that people's awareness and behavior are changing more and more rapidly around the globe. Some research results are then carved in stone, but many crumble after a few years.

This picture of the science special gives detailed insights into research and technology. 33 internationally leading German-speaking scientists were interviewed by me - often together with editorial colleagues - within the framework of a public-private partnership since 2006 *. All interviews were published in the monthly issues of bild der wissenschaft.

From today's point of view, some discussions would be different, because new developments require it. That's why I asked interlocutors whose interviews are a long time ago to update their statements. Only a few did not respond. The supplements are integrated in the interviews. When the original interviews were conducted, please refer to the respective marginal column at the bottom right.

Through the thematic spectrum from archeology to zoology you, dear readers, get a unique insight into science and technology, science from A to Z on 124 pages. Obviously, these are snapshots, but the circumstances at the time of their creation, aptly sketch. That's why this picture of the science special is unique. display

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Wolfgang Hess
Editorial Director Special Projects
bdw editor-in-chief 1994 to 2016

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* This is a cooperation of bild der wissenschaft, the city of Lauffen am Neckar and the Schunk GmbH & Co KG, gripping systems and clamping technology.


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