The dust mite feces can trigger allergies.
Reading aloud Laundry must be washed at least 60 degrees Celsius to effectively kill house dust mites. Also other substances that can cause allergies, such as pollen or dander from dogs, are better removed at high washing temperatures. This was reported by Korean doctor Jung-Won Park of Yonsei University in Seoul at a conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Francisco. In their study, researchers compared the amount of allergens on cotton towels that had been washed at different temperatures. While at a water temperature of over 60 degrees Celsius all house dust mites were killed, died at 40 degrees, only 6.5 percent of the animals. The researchers also found an effective alternative, which can be applied at low wash temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees: They recommend, after washing, rinse the laundry twice for at least three minutes with cold water.

In allergies to dust mites, which occur in every household, not the animals themselves, but their faeces are the trigger of allergic reactions. At just under 40 percent, house dust mites are the second most common cause of allergic respiratory diseases in Germany after pollen. The mites mainly feed on dander and like a moist and warm environment, which they find in mattresses, for example.

Lecture by Jung-Won Park at the International Conference of the American Thoraric Society ddp / wde? Tobias Becker


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