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With its title and cover art reminiscent of Superman comics and with the irritating subtitle "A plea for the end of the world", the book by Florian Freistetter is not exactly content-heavy. And that is intentional: the Austrian astronomer and science journalist wants to address a wide readership and not raise a threshold fear of science. The casual writing style fits. It is nowhere boring. At the same time, the current image of the cosmos is described competently and correctly.

Freistetter lets it really crack. Or more precisely, he lets his readers watch. Because everywhere in the universe violent collisions occur. Atoms pop on atoms. Meteorites crash on planets. Planets collide with other planets - with such a billiards probably also our moon originated. Even whole stars and galaxies sometimes meet. And possibly - but that is speculation - it came through a cosmic crash even the big bang: if two separated by a fifth dimension universes have united for a moment.

Florian Freistetter describes all this in a cosmic wrap-around knowledgeable and by no means spectacular. It becomes clear that there would be no earth, no life and no humans without smaller and larger collisions. Rüdiger Vaas

Florian Freistetter KRAWUMM! Ecowin, Salzburg 2012 214 p., € 22.90 ISBN 978-3-7110-0025-5



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