Read aloud Paleontologists have found evidence of how Tyrannosaurus rex dissected the heavily armored triceratops to reach the nutritious neck muscles while eating. According to the prominent biped ripped the horny Dino targeted the bulky head. It is one of the most popular motifs in depictions of dinosaurs: the fight between a T. rex and a Triceratops. However, it is still unclear whether such scramble occurred at all, because it is possible that T. rex only picked up dead animals and was a scavenger. The researchers around Denver Fowler from the Museum of the Rockies in Montana also found only traces of unhealed bite marks in the current investigation. So far, there is no evidence that a Triceratops survived a fight with a T. rex, which would prove the primeval struggles.

Main course neck meat, facial muscles for dessert

But how ever the armored dinosaurs had died? Eating them could not have been an easy task. As T. rex did to take triceratops apart, the researchers could now prove by examining bite marks on remnants of 18 individuals. The table manners of a T. rex were therefore a gruesome spectacle: The traces of many tooth marks show that T. rex dragged on the head of Triceratops, until this armored body part broke away and the massive neck muscles became accessible.

But apparently the head did not land completely unused at the leftovers. T. rex did not miss the fine facial muscles of Triceratops, paleontologists report. They found traces of teeth on the front of some skulls, indicating that T. rex nibbled neatly to remove the flesh. The main meal, however, was the neck piece of a triceratops and to get there, was the best thing to do, "says Denver Fowler. display

Denver Fowler (Museum of the Rockies, Montana) et al .: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's annual meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina © - Martin Vieweg


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