Reading aloud is now also available on bundle. The smartphone app for iPhone and Android draws news from various sources, which can be put together depending on the division, interest and geographical proximity.

Bundle sorts and filters the world's most popular news sources according to user preferences. Whether technology, science, travel, sports or politics - the latest news from the most exciting topics for you are displayed clearly and personalized. It is also possible to share and rate messages.

Bundle gets the news from the RSS feeds of various portals and magazines. The app has a time management feature that polls and displays the latest messages from the last 15, 30, 60 or 180 minutes, depending on the setting. A link with the location function of the mobile phone also allows the app to propose news sources of the respective location.

In the category science, the messages of are now read. display

The bundle app is available for both Android on Google Play and iTunes for the iPhone.

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