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Some contemporaries find it more difficult than others to motivate and tackle tasks. But self-control and motivation can be learned. Why the boost of willpower costs the mind a lot of energy. What's going on in the brain. And what tricks scientists use to successfully fight against the penchant to delay: read in bild der science how people can more easily achieve their goals

Pictures of the spacecraft Juno, which has been orbiting Jupiter since July 2016, show something astonishing - for example tremendous turbulence on the poles of the giant planet. Also, the results of measurements of Jupiter's magnetic field and core amaze the scientists. What secrets does the planet still hold?

Known medicines can have completely new effects. Thus, the once infamous thalidomide helps today against leprosy and AIDS. Researchers are now looking specifically for such effects display

New technologies and manufacturing processes are helping wood as a building material to blossom again. Designers and engineers from all over the world create grandiose structures

Nacktmulle are ugly - but a marvel of nature. The animals almost never get cancer, feel little pain and do not age. And the researchers are always discovering new curiosities

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Dear reader,

have you already got Christmas presents? I do not have one yet - and frankly, it is still early enough. Without comforting winter Christmas mood, I can not think of anything I could give. And in fact, there are the best bargains just before the 24th of December.

Every year such thoughts circle in my head - until a few days before Christmas Eve, when I rush through the shops stressed. And every year I get annoyed about why I'm so late. Actually, I know early enough when Christmas is ...

I am certainly not the only one who does things at the last minute. Presumably you also know somebody who keeps on dodging the tax return or misses a check-up appointment with the doctor. Although that causes trouble and stress. Some people find it even harder: they do not tackle important tasks at all, because they have developed a veritable aversion to it or are afraid to fail.

Psychologists call this irrational behavior "procrastination". And they know: The "Aufschieberitis" can be corrected. It takes a well-structured plan and enough willpower to motivate and persevere until the goal is achieved.

It is not easy though. Because who procrastinates, has adopted this behavior for years. Mostly it results from childhood. Those who never had to fear a thunder storm when their homework remained unsettled, have learned that it is much more comfortable with junk.

"We are all small pushers, " says renowned psychiatry professor Gunther Klosinski in an interview with bild der wissenschaft on page 54. We wanted him and other psychologists, neurobiologists and psychotherapists to know what to do about it - which makes it easier to get involved motivate and achieve its goals.

From page 50 you will learn about the surprising findings that the researchers have gained and with which tricky methods you can make your inner pig dog legs. I found the tips from the researchers very illuminating. And I'll get the Christmas presents earlier this year, preferably tomorrow - no, today!

I hope you enjoy reading!

Sincerely, your Karin Schlott

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